Show Cases

Here’s a selection of images, made for and brought to life in. the StoryWonders Creator. We’re so looking forward to beginning our Beta-Test. Feel free to send us a mail if you’d like to join.

Select the Lead Characters Category in the Asset Library and play with their expressions.
In the Asset Library under the Props Category you’ll find hats, glasses, clothes and more.
Under the Universe Category there is an astronaut suit. Tommy can be found in the Lead Character Category.
Select the Text Controller and make titles with colour, gradient, drop shadow and stroke.
A beautiful Black Dragon standing in a layered foreground
Don’t smoke. Anywhere.
A savannah motive with the Calm Green Ocean layered asset on top.
You can put anyone in the astronaut suit
Kelly in the astronaut suit
A gentle giant in the layered assets Green Hills. A cloud is placed in front of the giant.
Adding the overlay Old Photo makes everything look vintage
Another asset from the Universe Category.
If you just want to write there are many templates. This is the Old Book template.
Another title made in the Text Controller
Greybeard has built a magical wall. You cannot pass!
Many images have seasonable states
A visitor
Escape from the Asteroid Fields
Hiding in the Desert