About Us

We are Benjamin and Adam and we’re creating software that enables children and their adults to Practise the Art of Storytelling. We call the software the Creator and now after two years of researching and prototyping we humbly believe we’re developing the world’s most advanced online-story-creator. We call it The StoryWonders Creator and its primary purpose is to enable anyone to practise storytelling. To do that creators have access to a toolbox of camera movements, weather effects, visual assets, music and sound effects and narrative tips and tricks – and much more.

Benjamin and I have made stories, games and movies using web based technologies such as HTML, Java Script and CSS, WebGL, Web Audio, Pixi and programs like PhotoShop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Logic Pro. All in all very complex processes and expensive software that requires deep insight to use. Since we both love stories and the good feelings it brings us when we create them we’ve long wanted to create an easy-to-use and affordable tool that offers all the great primary features of those programs and enables everybody to tell their stories. 

Artists who needs an easy way to animate visuals
Students who need to illustrate and tell a story
Travelers making journals
Birthday children creating invitations
YouTubers looking for an easy and cheap editing tool
Writers looking for a way to easily combine text, visuals and audio. 
Teachers wanting to create beautiful and engaging learning material

Outputs from the StoryWonders Creator
Interactive Stories

Preliminary List of Assets, Camera Movements and effects
The primary purpose of the StoryWonders Creator is to allow anyone to use both the StoryWonders Asset Library and their own pictures and speak to create stories with atmosphere. To do that the Creator has these features:

An easy-to-use-timeline where you can add images, sound, camera movements, text and weather- and magical effects. 

Camera Movements
Zoom | try our SuperZoom and watch how assets zoom together to create depth
Pan | Same here – assets move accordingly to a global value and it just looks great

Weather Effects
Lighting | Add Lightning – click Animate and watch the beauty of lightning in your image
Rain | Add the Rain Overlay – click Animate and watch and hear the soothing rain fall
Fog | Add Fog and click Animate to spookify any image you have
Snow | Take a picture and add the Snow Overlay – it’s so pretty
Stars | Who doesn’t love stars blinking on a beautiful night sky – twinkle twinkle

Asset Animations
Clouds | select a cloud – click Animate and watch how they gently float in the air
Idle | Give any visual asset the Idle animation to make it move slightly – e.g. eyes
Flicker | Add Flicker to your sun or a candle to make it come alive

Magical Effects
Unleash the Magic | Choose a Magic Asset and watch it come alive in your scene
Summer Particles | What’s a warm summer day without soft particles in the air

About Us
We’re merging our experiences with programming and system architecture with game development, art direction, music composition and storytelling to create interesting educational content and releasing the tool we make it with. Benjamin is a Systems Architect with a lifetime’s experience of working with large organisations. And I’ve made computer- and board games and music and narration and have a past in the advertising business as an Art Director. And that’s pretty much StoryWonders in a nutshell. We hope what we’re doing makes sense and that you’d like to hear more about us and maybe help us create a sustainable business. Many warm regards from Denmark, Copenhagen, Benjamin and Adam.