Full Production Cycle

One of our top priorities with StoryWonders was to give everybody access to a full production cycle when making movies, prints, and interactive material. As an example we wanted a family to be able to make a good looking movie where one or more of the family members play the characters. That requires a lot of different software as it is today, but with StoryWonders you can manipulate images, edit the movie, record the narration, write text and credits, use simple camera controls and add effects such as snow and fire all in one website. As our own first test we set out to recreate H. C. Andersen’s The Little Match Girl. Let’s have a look.

Here’s Benjamin’s daughter Sol in the living room acting as if she is standing in the snow. Benjamin took the picture and uploaded it to the StoryWonders Photo Studio.
In the Photo Studio Benjamin isolated Sol so the background became transparent. That way the image can be placed on any background – for example a cold snowy street.
Then using assets in the library together with a text template and falling snow Sol was now standing in a cold street and the story is on its way.

And put together with the fantastic music of Borodin the movie looked like this.

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