Give your Stories Life with States, Layers and Animations.

Some of the assets in the Asset Library have icons and each icon means that the asset has one or more special abilities. Let’s have a look.

Here we’re in the Asset Library in the Animals Category. In the thumb the beautiful male lion is waiting patiently for us to make a story with him and in the upper left corner is an icon with a two coloured box. This means that the asset has different versions of itself – what we call States. States is the most common special ability an asset can have. Let’s have a look.
Right now we have made three different states for the male lion: Sit, Lie and Stand. Many assets have states and depending on their type they can be used in different ways. Over time we’ll add many more states.
Here we’re in the Weather Category and can see that Leaves Animated has one icon and Rain Animated and Snow Animated have two. Let’s take a closer look.
The coloured box in the Rain Animated thumb means that this asset has different states. But it also has a play icon which means that it’s an Animated Asset. This means that you can create different types of animated rain for your stories. Let’s look at one more special ability.
We’re back in the Asset Library in the Foregrounds Category. If you look at the Green Grass asset to the right you can see it has two icons. You know the first one now but the second one is new. It’s the Layered Asset Icon.
Layered Assets are special because they consist of more than one image. If you look at the lion he’s sitting between the two layers in the green grass asset which gives a feeling of depth. The green grass also has states and here we’ve chosen the Autumn State.

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