The First 3 Text Templates

Choose your style and begin writing. These are the three first text templates – many more are in the pipeline. Let’s have a look at them.

This is the Dear Diary Template and it has a nice handwriting font in an easy to read light purple font that looks good on the paper.
The text aligns with the lines on the paper. There is no stroke, gradient or shadow.
The Modern Light Template works well with e.g. a science project. Here’s an illustration of the sun peeping from behind the earth made with the Universe Assets.
The font here is a Sans Serif which means it has no hats or feet. Which gives it a simple modern look. The next font looks older. Let’s have a look.
This is the Old Paper Template. The paper is worn and the font has a nice warm brown colour which gives a vintage look. If we zoom in you can see that this font has hats and feet.
This is what we mean with hats and feet. At the end of the letters there are small lines that we could call strokes. These small lines make the font look older because this is how most fonts looked during the centuries after the printing press was invented in the 1400s.

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