5 New Headers

It requires practise to make good looking text. So, here’s 5 new one’s with detailed descriptions so you see how they’re made. Let’s begin with a most relevant style:

Simply select the Happy Halloween Header in the Asset Library and you’re good to go.
Many headers consist of a base colour, a gradient, a stroke and a shadow. Here the clear red fades into a darker red while the clear yellow stroke and the bright green shadow create contrast.
Blue, orange and yellow work so well together.
Yellow and orange gradients. A thick brown stroke and a light shadow.
Pretty Colours.
The clear blue stroke against the yellow shadow and the dark green gradient do the trick here.
Ahoy, Mateys! Here’s one for ye invitations and stories.
Again that clear stroke, here light green, together with the warm colours. Mmmm.
Simple stuff here – but it some cases it works well. A Sans Serif font, no feet and hats, almost black.
No stroke. No shadow. No gradient. The font is almost black because completely black can create quite a hard impression.

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