Practise the Art of Storytelling in this Gruesome Writing Game

There are many who advise us to focus. That we want too much with StoryWonders. That we should either work solely with invitations, teaching material, our own stories or. To those we politely respond that we are focusing. StoryWonders should be a toolbox that enables users to create anything related to storytelling. An affordable, easy and interesting toolbox. It has always been our dream to appeal to the narrative desire all children are born with and here’s an example of a game that’ll boost writing, cooperation, reading skills and require critical thinking and decision making. Perfect for school or a group of friends.

We believe writing games are an awesome way of inspiring the love of telling stories all children have. But they need to have suspense and atmosphere.

The rules are simple:

  1. Create a group of four creators
  2. Open the Night of the Zombies Template
  3. Decide on a story based on the Template’s 7 Page Narrative Arc
  4. Follow the narrative rules. Most importantly: Only one in the group can survive
  5. Be inspired by the Narrative Tips
  6. Take the pictures. Use the assets. Write the story. Add speak and music.
  7. Present your masterpiece to the world

Other Writing Games are going to include:

Mandatory Words, in this game you get 10 random assets. You also get 5 random words and together you must create a scene with an interesting situation.

Characterisation, in this game you must describe how a certain character in the scene perceives it.

Environment Description, in this game you’ve stepped into a time machine and find yourself in an environment you’ve never been in before. Describe what you see. Some generic words are forbidden. E.g. pretty, nice,

How Do you Feel, in this game you listen to a piece of music and look at an image. Take your time and describe how you feel.

Murder Mystery, investigate three scenes and click on everything. Gather information and write your report about who did it, why and how. Strengthens reading, deduction and writing.

Speed Thinking, get 20 words and write synonyms for them within X seconds. Strengthens vocabulary.

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