Make Unique & Personal Invitations with the Creator

I’ve made a lot of invitations for friends and family because most of them think it’s a dreadful task. But fear no more. With the StoryWonders Creator you can now easily make your own invitations. Please meet Laura.

Laura loves to meet with her friends so she’s planned a lot of parties and get-togethers. We better start making some invitations.
The Princess Card. Laura is throwing a ball at the castle. She’s added eyelashes, a bit of rouge and some disco-eyeshadow on 50% opacity.
The Gangster Card. Before anyone correctly points out how harmful smoking is. Yes. the cigar can be removed. Laura has added a band aid, a bruised eye and a scar.
Here’s Laura using the Elf Card. Perfect for a picnic or a party in the garden. We love Mother Nature.
Alien Card. In space no one can hear you party.
Laura loves disco. And disco loves Laura. Here Laura has chosen the Disco Card added some eyelashes, eye-shadow and some heavy duty glasses. Hot Stuff!
Laura with a pretty new nose and some nice green irises. The Zombie Card.

Other templates are going to include Horse, Pirate, Pyjamas Party, Football Player and many more.


  1. The better your image – the better the invitation.
  2. Take your pictures outside – that’s where the good lighting is.
  3. If you’re the photographer – keep your back to the sun.

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