You’re all special, Bobby Joe.

Asset, an image, sound effect, piece of music or animation

Asset Category, a group of assets e.g. Animals

Asset Controller, a set of properties that define the behaviour of an asset

Asset Library, the wonderful place where all asset are located

Asset Property, an attribute that defines an asset behaviour e.g. Size

Basic Controls, a group of properties that define the behaviour and look of an asset

Drag to Change Layer, drag to change the layer of a visual asset

Continue Preview, continues preview from where it was stopped

Copy Asset, make a copy of the asset in the current scene

Copy to Next Scene, make a copy of a specific asset in the next scene

Creator, where you put together your assets to create a story/movie/invitation etc.

Foregrounds, asset that work well as the stage of a scene

Foreground Toppings, assets that will blend well with Foregrounds

Ghost Asset, an asset added to the next scene controlled by the Master Asset. Handy when it comes to animations and audio.

Groups, put assets in groups for better overview

Layer, where the asset is placed in a stack of layers

Layered Asset, asset that have layers in them

Lead Characters, characters that have special states

Learning Material, create engaging material for your students in the Creator

Lifetime, defines the lifetime of an asset in a scene. The highest Lifetime End value in a scene determines the length of the scene

Horizontal Lights, at first glance they don’t seem like much. But they can change the mood in your scene dramatically. Love ’em.

Invitations, cool invitations made in the Creator.

Master Asset, an asset that controls a Ghost Asset

Move, how much an asset should move in pixels during its Lifetime.

My Own Assets, the category in the Asset Library where you have your own images and sounds.

Overlays, visual assets that change the looks of other assets.

Player, the technology that shows what you’ve made in the Creator

Position, where an asset is placed on the scene

Premade Scenes, an asset category in the Asset Library with scenes that have multiple assets.

Project Presentations, nice presentations made in the creator.

Props, an asset category with hats, beards, glasses and more

Replace Asset, click to replace a specific asset with another

Restart Preview, plays the scene from its beginning

Rotation, How long it takes an asset, in seconds, to fully rotate once

Seasonable Assets, some asset have Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn states

Scene, the workplace where you gather your assets for, well a scene.

Skies, pretty images of different kinds of skies. A few are layered.

Solids, assets that fill the screen with one specific colour

Start Preview, plays the assets in your scene

States, variations of an asset e.g. Tommy Happy/Sad/Surprised/Angry

Stop Preview, stops the preview (click again to continue)

Text, an asset category with a wonderful variety of fonts and backgrounds

Text Controller, creates good looking headers and text.

Text Template, an asset category made of selected fonts and paper

Transition, defines how an asset enters and exits a scene

Vibrate, custom animation that makes a visual asset vibrate

Weather Animations, particle animations of rain, snow and others

Zoom, how much an asset should reduce/enlarge its size in pixels during its Lifetime.

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