Create Extra Depth with Layered Assets

Simple and powerful. Creating perspective and depth with layers is plain fun. In the creator you can make as many layers as you need for your assets but some assets have layers in them! I’m so excited I can hardly breathe. Let’s have a look. In the image above Miss Liberty is placed in the ocean by using a foreground that has two layers.

With one layer in front of her and the other behind her and with some splashes here and there it seems as if she’s in the water.
This ocean foreground is also divided into two layers and with the elephant in between it seems as if she’s enjoying her morning bath.
Several of the Land-Foregrounds are also divided into layers to make the animals blend in.
Oh, there’s a little cub hiding behind the bush.
Layered Assets also enable you to put one asset into another. Like in this example where the lower jaw of the T-Rex is in front of the goose making it appear as if the bird is being swallowed. Oh, dear!

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