Understanding Layers

Layers are a fantastic way to create depth to an image. Imagine layers as a stack of cut out drawings that you can arrange in any order you want. Let’s see some examples.

Here we have Tommy. He’s placed in the top layer. Beneath him is the Dark Green Grass. Then comes the Summer Tree Line and the Yellow Sun and lastly the Light and Cloudy Sky.
Now if we move Tommy behind the grass layer it looks like this.
And if we put him behind the Summer Tree Line he looks like a giant.
And if we place him behind the Yellow Sun its light will shine on him.
Some assets even have layers in them so we can place Tommy so it looks like he’s standing in the grass. And take a look at the sun now. We’ve placed it in front of the Summer Tree Line so it seems as if the trees are bathed in sunlight. Layers are truly wonderful.

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