Using StoryWonders to Create Cool Learning Material

StoryWonders allows teachers to create original content and share it with other teachers. The content can be used to present facts in a cool way but can also be used by the students so they can create their own content based on their newly acquired knowledge. Quiz: Who said “Involve me and I learn”. 🙂

It’s easy to create visuals and make your text look good in StoryWonders.
First the teacher selects an image of the universe and puts it down to 40% opacity.
Then our pretty “little” sun is added, placed and scaled down.
And then another image of a sun is placed and scaled up to illustrate UY Scuti. And voila, the teacher has illustrated the difference in size of the two stars. But there’s more. 🙂 Because now the teacher can hand over the material to the students so they can make their own presentations.
The Universe Asset Category has 25 assets as we speak.

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