Use Solids Between Your Layers to Create Atmosphere

Create depth with colours. In this post we’ll look at how we create a sense of perspective with a simple solid. So, what’s a solid, you might ask. It’s a picture with one colour. The Orange Solid looks like this.

If you like orange this solid is nice.
Here’s our test image. It’s built with a Sky, a Savannah Environment, a Savannah Foreground (which is layered) and the three animals. It looks okay but if we place the Orange Solid with an Opacity of 20% between the lions and the elephant and the rest of the scene. This happens:
The scene behind the lions is now engulfed in a vague orange glow making the lions more present and the rest more distant. Let’s try to place another solid between the elephant and the giraffe.
Now the giraffe is less visible and seems to blend in more with the horizon. So, with a simple solid colour we’ve created a sense of depth.

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