Use Lighting Assets to Create Atmosphere

In this blog we’re going to play with a Lighting Asset called a Lens Flare. Admitted, lens flares can make things look a bit corny. But they’re also kinda grand at the same time. Here’s a couple of examples with and without lens flares.

Here we have the Earth Asset on a Universe Background with a White Sun behind. There’s an Orange Solid with an opacity of 20% on top of it all. Let’s see what it looks like with the lens flare turned on..
The Autumn Tree with a Yellow Sun in the back. Looks fine. But…
…but if we add a small lens flare on top of the leaves, it adds to the atmosphere.
One last example. The King chilling in the sunset.
We think the king likes it better with a bit of flare. We’ve used the Yellow Lens Flare Asset and turned it down to 80% Opacity. Tip: The elephant in the back is placed behind the Yellow Sun Asset so it seems as if she is bathed in the light.
See the lens flare do its thing in this recording from the StoryWonders Creator.
Another recording from the StoryWonders Creator using the awesome lens flare.

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