See How We Create a Medieval Scene

Let’s turn back time. In our interactive book Wolf World there is a true story about the Wolves of Paris. It all took place in Paris during the winter of 1450 where a pack of wolves, desperate from hunger, broke into the city and began hunting the inhabitants. After killing 40 men, women and children they were killed in front of the Notre Dame by a group of men. A very dramatic story that required a little work with a modern day photo of the cathedral.

This was the original photo of the Notre Dame. A nice picture but not quite the medieval feel we needed so we began with removing the cars and the tourists and the buildings.
After that we painted the foundation white.
Then we tinted the whole blue and added medieval buildings to the left. We decided to keep the house on the right because…
…the dark winter tree to the right blocked most of the view anyway.
Then we put crows in the trees.
And at last the wolves. And then the scene was ready to illustrate The Wolves of Paris.

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