Use Seasonable Assets in Your Stories

Change the weather as you like. This category of assets we call the Vivaldi Assets because they, you’ve guessed it, come in four seasonable states. Let’s have a look at our old friend the tree, some foregrounds, skies and some tree lines. In the Winter Wonderland we have a winter sky with an opacity of 50&. The winter tree line is likewise shown with an opacity of 50% and the tree in 70% to make everything look without contrast. The foreground is in 100% and the light yellow sun in 60%. The sky is set to 200% in size and to move 1400 pixels in its lifetime and to zoom 300% to make it look like a blizzard..

Ahh, spring is here. We’ve given the tree light green leaves and changed the foreground, the tree line and the sky. The sun still has an opacity of 60% but because the sky has changed it looks warmer. The sky is set to zoom 5% to make it look like the clouds are gently floating by high above.
The summer tree has leaves that are still green but darker than its Spring State. The sun is replaced with the Yellow Sun, that’s shown with 100% opacity, and the foreground now has dry spots here and there – it’s been a very hot summer, you see. The sky has changed and the tree line is darker.
And now my favourite, Benjamin is more of a summer-guy, Autumn. The warm reddish-brown colours of the foreground and the tree line and the leaves create a calm and inviting atmosphere. I also think the owl looks the happiest here. The sky is set to zoom 5% – again to make it seem as if the clouds are floating by. And soon winter comes it starts all over.

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