Create Rain, Snow and other Weather Effects with a few Clicks

Use rain to create atmosphere. Benjamin and I have long thought it would be cool if creators could make it rain and snow in their stories and movies with a single click. Now, it works. 🙂

This scene is made up of the tree and some landscape assets such as a dark sky and the gravel foreground. In the horizon a black horizontal light makes the scene even more depressing. So, what’s missing? Wonderful rain. Simply click Add Asset and go to the Weather Category and choose rain and voila, you can choose between normal rain, acid rain, hard rain and even money rain. 🙂

To create a little extra atmosphere we’ve added lightning. It’s simply done by showing an image of lightning bolt for about ½ second together with a white solid that light up the sky.

The rain is animated by use of particles. To add to the feeling of rain we add a Blue Tint with an opacity of 40%.

I’m singin’ in the rain. Just singin’…

The tree on the gravel foreground with the dark sky. Dreary…
Lightning strikes…
…rain begins to fall and everything turns green. Aaah.
And we have a happy ending. Thank you, rain.
Creating atmosphere with rain is easy with the Rain Controller. Just select the type of rain you want in the drop down.

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